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Team members

Trevor 'VR7UAL'

Owner & Driver

Technology coupled with training being the reason he now gets up in the morning; A true addict of F1, Trevor is well versed in the world of simulation and has now set foot into ERacing. Watch for his lap times to start improving quickly!

Tom 'InSaNeToM'

Team Principal / Driver

Avid gamer for 2 decades, Thomas became a sim racer out of passion and nuance. After joining the sim community two years ago, he quickly honed his skills while starting his winning ways. Faced with a new challenge he now joins VR7UAL in pursuit of a dynasty!

Brian 'Noobifier'


A fiend for tech gear, Brian has surrounded himself with the upper echelon of simulation equipment and what do you know! He happens to have a hankering for racing as well. 

Jordan 'Cypher'


Streamer, Gamer, and car ethusiast. With over 20 years gaming experience. A love of cars with a passion for competition and all things gaming. Here to have fun and win some races with VR7UAL!



Another racer that is no stranger to the scene. Consistently finding himself competing for top spots in many disciplines, Chad is a force to be reckoned with. Check your 6!

Kyle 'KayWhy'


Sim racer and general car buff. Catch Kyle in the garge retooling an engine, or behind the screen putting in laps on F1, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, and many other top racing games.

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