VR7UAL eSports


Bringing Golf courses the technology to elevate their course to the next level.

VR7UAL eSports is proud to present VR7UAL Golf. VR7UAL Golf is going course to course to offer golfers a High end solution to modern question for golfers.

“I wonder what my ball is doing up there”

With the rise of golfers now playing in today’s market. The need to improve the game has never been needed more. That’s where VR7UAL Golf comes in.



VR7UAL heads for the green to provide the golfer with course-like experience on the range. By incorporating the latest tracking software, Our aim is to provide PGA level swing data to everyone.


VR7UAL Golf offers:

On the course like range experiences

Long drive Competition (coming soon)

VR7UAL Golf Tournament (Dates TBD)

VR7UAL Media day 

Any questions or for bookings for VR7UAL  Golf to come upgrade your range . Contact us at [email protected]


Team members

Jordan 'Cypher'

Ottawa On, Ca

Golfing since I was young, passionate about eSports, co-created VR7UAL Golf  to help grow a new community and love for the sport!

Trevor 'VR7UAL'

Ottawa ON, CA

Alot better in the sim then he is live!

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