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Team Members

Jordan 'Cypher'

Ottawa On, Ca

CDL / Warzone

With over 2 decades gaming,  Playing Warzone since day one, and starting out playing cod in COD MW1. A true OG in the franchise. Ready to guide the team to many victories! Keep an eye out for VR7UAL in CDL and Warzone! 

Tom 'InSaNeToM'

Ottawa ON, CA


Avid gamer for 2 decades, Thomas a sim racer turned FPS fiend, hones his aim daily in MW 2.0. Faced with a new challenge he now joins VR7UAL CDL in pursuit of a Call of Duty dynasty!

Scott 'mistaspoon'

Halifax NS, CA

CDL / Warzone

Gaming his entire life. Mistaspoon, the master of the grind, plans to bring that determination and dedication to Team VR7UAL! Keep your eyes up for his steady rise in Al Mazrah! Whether in CDL or Warzone 2.0, Mistaspoon is ready to hit the ground running!

Seeley Harvey

Nashville, Tennessee


In It to Win it… when donning the uniform to help his fellow comrades accomplish the objective or charging in for the win! Seeley enjoys the technical side of gaming along with teamwork. Has been gaming now for a few years and plans to stay the distance to continue to fine tune and perfect his skills on and off the warzone!

Joel 'JigKing'

Ottawa On, Canada

CDL / Warzone

A casual gamer turned competitive with a variety of skills from FPS to strategy games. JigKing has been leveling up his skillset and is ready to take the leap into a more serious gaming role, coming to vSports is his first step to that next level, the Jig is up Al Mazrah!

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