Personal Sim Builds

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Personal Builds

Interested in having a custom built simulator for your home or office?

Look no further than VR7UAL! 

Speak with us to discuss the possibilities and to work out a solution that is right for you, and your budget.

Simulation Build – Base Packages

Gaming Computers.

Starting from
$ 1000
  • A great option for those gamers who are looking to make the jump to the next level. Check out our socials for some of our recent builds!

Simulation Rig

Custom Builds
$ 2K
and up
  • Building a Sim rig compares to purchasing a car, except you would have to build the car. Let our team help design one from the ground up that's right for you, with your wants and budget in mind. Options include: F1, GT3, Cars, Trucking (A-Z practice), Helicopter, Plane and more!

Full Motion Rig

$ 15K
and up
  • This option is not for the faint of heart. For the true enthusiast, allow our team to put you in full motion; the final iteration before reality.

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