VR7UAL eSports

VR7UAL eSports

VR7UAL is excited to be bringing you Eastern Ontario’s first simulated eSports Racing league! Kicking things off with Formula 1, VR7UAL’s eSports team is being built to compete at the highest levels and make waves in the global eSports arena.

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Why join VR7UAL eSports?

We are geared up. We are motivated. We are capable.



Coupling years of experience with emerging technology, the VR7UAL eSports team is getting ready to take things to the next level.

Professional Leagues

We have compiled everything necessary to compete in the best events around the world, but we are also setting up our own internal leagues and have ample opportunities for eRacing enthusiasts of all skill levels to get involved!

  • Think you have what it takes to vie for a spot on Team VR7UAL?
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